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Often, building can be one of the most daunting and stressful experiences… You need to find a builder you can trust and feel comfortable talking to.

That’s why all our projects start here with an initial conversation about your vision.

The vision call usually lasts 20-30 minutes at the end of the call we will book you in for your on-site Dream’s-to-Reality session.

Covered on your free, no obligation, fact-finding vision call:

  • Go over the answers you provide on the contact form above, so we can understand the specifics of your project and how we can help you best.
  • Expected timelines, budgets, inclusions, and exclusions for a usual project like yours
  • Introduction to Pete and the crew at Build Unlimited. Including our Preferred Partners and Trusted Suppliers.
  • Time for general Q&A to better understand if we’d be a good fit to work together on your vision

Complete the questions on this page, then select a time in Pete’s calendar on the next page after submitting your answers.

Thinking about booking a call?

Who should book a call:

  • You are looking to renovate or extend your existing home or are looking to build a new architecturally designed home in the Auckland region and want a high-quality home.
  • You have plans and are looking to build or renovate in the next 2-12 months, you just need a good builder you can trust and work well with so the job is finished to your timeline, budget, and quality.
  • You don’t yet have plans but want to work with a builder from the beginning to make sure the plans fit your budget and aren’t just expensive drawings you can’t use when it comes time to get underway.

Who should not book a call:

  • Those already with 2-4 other builders quoting their jobs.
  • People who need us to start next week, but at the lowest possible price.
  • Those looking for handyman services or small one off jobs like decking or fencing. Unless it’s part of a larger project, that we can provide expertise on when it comes to Project Management, scheduling, ordering, quality control and customer experience.

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